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Name:Arthurian Fic
Location:Camelot, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Arthurian Archive
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:original Arthuriana on the web

[community profile] arthurian_fic is a community for, well, Arthurian fiction. There are already several general Arthurian communities, and quite a few specifically for fanfic of the 2004 movie, but seemingly none in between.

Post, post, post! If you have nothing to post, comment!

Arthurian stories only. AUs are fine, as long as they are recognizable; crossovers are fine, as long as there's a significant amount of Arthurian content. Moviefic is fine, Maloryfic is fine, Mists of Avalon fic is fine, original interpretations are fine, but Harry Potter is right out. No actorfic, please.

Please LJ-cut the body of your story. A "fake cut" or link to your own journal is also okay (provided you don't call a normal link a fake cut. Your moderator has pet peeves, okay?)

There are no specific rules for headers, but please include at least the following:

* your name or pen name;
* characters or pairing;
* rating indicating whether the story is suitable for all audiences

Warnings are not mandatory, but it's generally considered polite to warn for potentially triggering content such as rape or torture. Fic banners are not encouraged, but are permitted if they are 500x150 pixels or smaller.

Non-fic posting is allowed as long as it's on topic. You may ask for recs or writing help, advertise your related community or website, etc. Please do not plug your e-published novel; we're here to share, not shop.

You can tag your post yourself, or wait for me to do it. If you need a tag that doesn't exist (e.g. for a new character), leave a comment in the contact post.

Interests (150):

accolon, aglovale, agravain, alfred lord tennyson, ambrosius aurelianus, ancient britain, arthur, arthurian legend, arthuriana, astolat, avalon, badon hill, balan, balin, bedegraine, bedivere, betrayal, bors, broceliande, cador, caerleon, camelot, camlann, castles, celtic mythology, challenges, chivalry, chretien de troyes, christianity, cornwall, dagonet, dinadan, dindrane, drabbles, dragons, druids, ector, elaine, elizabeth e. wein, england, enid, excalibur, fan fiction, fanfic, fiction, fisher king, folklore, gaheris, galahad, gareth, gawain, gen, geoffrey of monmouth, geraint, gerald morris, gillian bradshaw, glastonbury, gorlois, green knight, griflet, guinevere, het, honor, howard pyle, igraine, iseult, jack whyte, john william waterhouse, joseph of arimathea, kay, king arthur, knights, lady of the lake, lamorak, lancelot, lanval, laudine, le morte d'arthur, legends, leodegrance, lionel, logres, lot, love, loyalty, lucan, lunete, lynette, lyonesse, magic, marion zimmer bradley, mary stewart, matter of britain, meleagant, merlin, mordred, morgan le fay, morgause, myrddin, myths, nancy mckenzie, nancy springer, nimue, niniane, orkney, owain, paganism, palomides, parke godwin, pelleas, pellinore, percival, peredur, phyllis ann karr, picts, poetry, ragnelle, revenge, roman empire, romance, rosalind miles, rosemary sutcliff, sagramore, saxons, siege perilous, slash, stonehenge, sword in the stone, swords, t. h. white, taliesin, the dark ages, the holy grail, the middle ages, the mists of avalon, the questing beast, the round table, tintagel, tor, tragedy, tristan, urien, uther pendragon, uwaine, vera chapman, vivien, wales, war, writing, yvain
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